Athlete Development Program

The Athlete Development Program focuses on teaching youth how to train, use their bodies and reduce injuries.   The focus will be on the development of rotational force, reaction speed, explosive power and endurance.   Athletes use rotational force in almost every sport, we rotate to throw a ball, shoot a puck, swing a bat or golf club.   Through training we can develop reaction speed for athletes as they learn where to focus and the ability to predict outcomes.   We will break down how to train for explosive power and endurance and how to train for specific sports.

Sessions will focus on building coordination and weekly games will build competitiveness and strategy that relates to all sports.   Athletes will run, sprint, jump, tumble and play games to learn how to control their bodies in space and become the best athlete they can be.   We build athletes through natural movement patterns that help develop strength, skill and speed.    Athletes will also learn the importance of warm ups, stretching and how to properly fuel their bodies for life and competition.

Classes run June 4-July 26 (no classes the week of July 2)
Boys:  Mondays and Wednesdays  
            Grades 7 & 8   2:00 pm
            Grades 5 & 6   3:00 pm
Girls:   Tuesdays and Thursdays
             Grades 7 & 8  2:00 pm
             Grades 5 & 6 3:00 pm

Fee:  $125
Instructor:  Ryan Tungseth