Strength Training

Senior High Strength and Conditioning Coach Paul Ratz coordinates this structured program that focuses on all of the necessary components to be a "top notch" athlete. 
Training is held in the Kennedy Secondary School weight room on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday and Friday June 5-August 11 

The Kennedy Secondary School weight room features:
8 squat racks                     cardio area                        dumbbells (5-100 lbs)               battling ropes
8 bench presses                 core area                           8 platforms                                plyometric jumping boxes
33 machines                      band area                          plyo/agility areas

The High Performing Senior Athlete program allows athletes from grades 7-12 to pick and follow a sport specific program of their choice. 
There are over 30 programs available for a multitude of sports.   These programs have been developed with the help of the finest strength training coaches in MN and are periodized to maximum gains in strength, speed, power and explosiveness.  Each day athletes follow a four step process to enhance their athletic abilities.
1.   5-7 minutes of dynaflex and quick feet drills to start the day
2.  Sport-specific strength training that will make the athlete STRONGER!!!
3.  Athletes will conclude each workout with 5 minutes of static stretching to stay loose and help prevent injuries


Training is held at from 9 am- 4:00 pm. Pick the best time of the day to accommodate your schedule.  (Closed the week of July 3-7)
Fee is $90


The 4th, 5th and 6th Grade "Total Athlete" program teaches kids how to use the Kennedy Weight Room and how to lift free weights correctly.

Participants will learn drills for speed, agility, quickness, jumping & flexibility. Athletes will lift light loads and focus on technique. This is a great program for young athletes. Class are held on Tuesdays and Thursdays from June 13 through August 10  (Closed the week of July 3-7)
Those going into 4th-5th grade train from 1-2 pm and those going into 6th grade train from 2-3 pm.
Fee is $60