Please Protect Our Water Resources

Please Protect Our Water Resources

Grass clippings are a significant contributor of phosphorus to our rivers and lakes

The nutrient phosphorus harms clear, free water by creating algal blooms. This process, known as eutrophication, turns the water green, clouds the water, causes odor problems, and depletes the oxygen for fish and other species, effectively suffocating them.

If not mixed into the soil, phosphorus from lawn clippings and tree leaves left in the streets and gutters is soluble and a potential pollution source.

Please do not discharge your grass clippings/leaves or other organic debris into the street/gutter.

Public Works employees will clean catch basins periodically, the city encourages homeowners that have a catch basin near their property to scoop off debris that accumulates. This will help prevent street flooding and keep the debris from entering the lake or river that receives the stormwater.