Parks and Recreation Sponsors

Looking for a way to support your city?


Team Sponsorship Program
The participation of local businesses and organizations in our Youth Sponsorship program is vital to maintain affordable recreation programs that help reduce overall expenses.  This program provides team shirts and hats to players and coaches with the sponsor name printed on the back of the shirt.   Sponsors receive a team picture, certificate of appreciation, mention on the City of Fergus Falls website and other promotional materials.   All of this for only $225

Banner Sponsorship Program
This program gives businesses and organizations an opportunity to purchase a 4 2 8 banner with their logo at either the Delagoon Softball Complex, Soccer Complex or Broadway Park Baseball field.   This is a 3 year commitment.  The first year cost is $250 (including banner and printing) and the cost for the next two years is $200 per year


Bench Sponsorship Program
The city is looking for bench sponsors to replaces existing benches, create new sitting areas and to enhance the overall look of the city.   Sponsorship is a one-time fee of $800.  You will get to customize your plaque (2.25" x 10") that will be attached to the bench with your name and message or full color logo.   Benches will be placed in parks throughout the city.


To participate in any of these programs, please contact the Parks, Recreation and Forestry Department at 332-5806