Tree Planting, Permits and Boulevard Marking

Tree Planting, Permits and Boulevard Marking Requests

It has been a long tradition to plant trees in the public right-of-way along city streets.  City staff ensures proper care is given to the location of the trees in regard to utilities and traffic vision.  The city plants around 200 trees per year.  Planting is done in the spring because the best tree selection is available from nurseries and the success rate is much higher. The tree has a one-year warranty; priority is given to warranted trees, diseased tree replacement, and new developments.

To be eligible, applicant must be a property owner within the corporate city limits of Fergus Falls.  Land developments/subdivision developments are also required to adhere to these program regulations.

All residents must obtain permission prior to planting trees on public property and must plant under the following placement requirements of the City:

Trees shall be planted in the center of the planting strip, halfway between the curb and the sidewalk where that difference is at least 4 feet.  In situations where there is neither a curb or sidewalk, the City Forester shall determine the location of trees.  Trees may not be planted in a planting strip less than 4 feet in width (refer to the approved street tree list for minimum width of the planting strip for various species of trees) and cannot be planted over an existing tree stump.  In addition, trees may not be planted closer than:

  1. 20 feet to a above ground utility or street light pole.  Only Flowering Crabtree varieties,
    Japanese Tree Lilac, or other low growing trees are allowed under power lines.
  2. 5 feet to a fire hydrant
  3. 25 feet to the intersection of sidewalks at a street intersection
  4. 15 feet to a driveway or alley.
  5. 35 feet to another tree (4' wide boulevard in new development)
  6. 5 feet from a buried utility service lateral

Trees must be single stemmed (one central leader) with a minimum diameter of 1 ¼-1 ½  inches at 6 inches above ground level and a minimum of 6' in height, recommended by the City of Fergus falls Forestry Department for street tree planting (Approved Street Tree List).

Trees planted in violation of regulations are subject to removal by the City of Fergus Falls.